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Web Design/Development

Design. Build. Implementation. We handle the development of your website from beginning to end walking with you in lockstep to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled. We have experience with a wide variety of frameworks and tools to ensure you have the correct technologies to address your needs.

Work Exchanges

OOTO supports small businesses and organizations working toward a good cause. We offer work exchanges to partner with companies or individual to provide technology consultation and services. Trading accomodation, services or training in a particular skill is in support of our ideology.

Digital Marketing and Analytics

Gain a competitive advantage with the right marketing approach using social media and your web presence. Gain insights into your target market through analytics and research. We offer guidance on how to approach or improve your digital marketing strategy.

Business Solutions

We can help you get your business off the ground by offering initial email and domain setup, hosting and a wide variety of other solutions to provide you with the digital tools to make running your business more efficient and effective.

Cloud Architecture/Deployment

A wider offering of services along with benefits to the environment and cost savings to using a traditional host provider make switching over to the cloud an easy option. We also provide managed services so you can focus on running your business and we can focus on providing the tools necessary for business function.

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